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A simple step towards sustainable development by assessing and restoring natural resources with measurable benefits to your business
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An easy way to become greener
Measurable environmental impact without interfering with your current operating processes in the first month
Reimbursement of all emissions and waste
We select projects that reimburse resources for all fractions of the ecological footprint of your business
Transparency at all stages
Monitoring of the real eco-footprint and statistics on the reimbursement of natural resources performed
Business metrics and revenue growth
Increased LTV through improved conversions, repeat purchases, increased customer loyalty and user-generated content
New value for customers

Creating additional value for goods and services using net-zero transformation
Entering new markets

Preparing brands for expansion to global market and according to the requirements of platforms, eg Farfetch
4 steps to low-waste transformation and customer loyalty growth
Step 1. Evaluation
You cannot manage what is not measured. We analyze the sources and volumes of your waste and emissions at various levels of granularity using a methodology based on the globally recognized GHG Protocol (used by Fortune 500 companies) and ISO standards.

As a result, you get a calculation of the volume of emissions at the current moment. .
Step 2. Management and monitoring
We set up an ecological footprint monitoring system. As a result, you will see the dynamics of your ecological footprint as your business grows and you will be able to align your sustainable development strategy with science-based SDG metrics.

We will identify specific points in the supply chain from the data accumulated, where waste and emissions can be reduced, and track progress towards achieving sustainability metrics.

As a result, your business will produce fewer emissions that contribute to global warming and environmental pollution.
Step 3. Offsetting
We compensate in an equivalent amount all the fractions of your ecological footprint that cannot be reduced through investments in certified ecological projects that share our values.

As a result, your business will become climate neutral.
Step 4. Customer engagement
We are implementing a plugin for calculating the ecological footprint of each product or service.

We generate personal statistics that you can share, cultivating responsible consumption and communication about your mission.

As a result, your customers will be able to pay for the compensation service on their own and will have a reason to share your brand with their friends.
What are the first steps towards sustainable development?
Data collection
We help you to collect all the data necessary for the calculation from your systems, from your counterparties and other sources.
Ecological Footprint Calculation
We calculate the ecological footprint of your business and share with you our results for approval.
Plugin integration
We integrate the plugin into your website to share the responsibility for ecological footprint offsetting with your customers.
Integration of the ecological footprint monitoring platform
We provide you with access to your business footprint monitoring platform.
Offsetting Project Management
Together with you, we select partners to replenish resources and manage your campaign.
Evaluation of results
Together with you, we conduct a retrospective analysis and evaluate the positive effect of the implemented initiatives for your business.
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