Ecological is new a normal
Over the past year, the pandemic has affected every area of our life, leading to the transformation of many processes into digital. Changing our consumption patterns leads to a rethinking of the environmental issues, and also paves the way for startups to help us become more responsible consumers.
Sustainable development
The Sustainable Development Agenda has been manifested in various formats of interaction between the international community since the second half of the last century. One of the first founding documents to solidify the importance of this agenda was the 1987 Brundtland Commission report entitled "Our Common Future". It was this report that reinforced the concept of sustainable development as meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the future.

In many ways, this definition is consonant with the Soviet concept of "rational nature management", which is an analog and predecessor of the concept of sustainable development that appeared somewhat later in the West. The founder of the concept of rational nature management was the physicist, geographer, nature conservation practitioner D.L. Armand. In 1964, his book "To Us and Grandchildren" was published, in which a scientific approach to the use of natural resources as a priority and eternal values of the human community was first outlined.

Today's dialogue in terms of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is supported by the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015, each of which carries a set of science-based metrics to ensure that these goals are measurable and achievable by the end of this decade. In turn, the SDGs became the successors of the eight Millennium Development Goals, which in many ways showed their extreme ambition.
ESG and business digitalization
The economic impact of the introduction of sustainable development strategies based on the "three pillars" of the ESG approach became almost undeniable by the end of the second decade of this century. Whereas in the past we have seen the clash between Friedman's model of classical capitalism and Coleman's social capital, today's research is proving a clear economic advantage of investing in responsible assets. According to PRI, incorporating the ESG approach results in a higher return on equity and higher operating income.

Digital transformation, accompanying many business processes of modern corporations and government agencies, plays a positive role in the desire of market players to implement the sustainable development agenda. According to the World Economic Forum recent report on bridging digital transformation with sustainability, companies that combine digital transformation and implementation of sustainable development strategies are 2.5 times more likely to become more commercially successful in the near future than those who ignore sustainable development processes and practices.
Opportunities for Innovation
Environmental issues are still considered in top-five dominating challenges for our planet, yet opening a greenfield for innovative solutions. The international competitive landscape of technology startups involved in the development of projects in the field of compensation of the ecological footprint of a business can be roughly divided into two groups - impact-oriented and business-oriented.

Impact-based companies often supported by government grants or equity free funding programs and are aimed at solving specific problems, for instance collecting and processing clothes or systematically planting and maintaining the quality of new forest areas. On the other hand, business-oriented companies develop various platforms linking specific eco-projects and corporations to reduce the ecological footprint of a business.

The secret of commercial success of the second group is a combination of several factors, including the development of unique mathematical algorithms for "reverse engineering" of the client's business processes from an environmental point of view, trusting cooperation with clients in the field of sensitive data disclosure and protection, as well as building a balanced communication strategy around this process, so as not to be suspected of "greenwashing".
Sustainable business with offsetted
We've built a digital platform that allows you to boost revenue and customers' loyalty through ecological impact and business metrics growth-oriented solutions.

How does it work? We digitize and evaluate the life cycle of a product or process and carry out subsequent monitoring of its ecological footprint to support the company in the development and implementation of a sustainable development strategy and its goals traction.

How does it work? We digitize and evaluate the life cycle of a product or process and carry out subsequent monitoring of its ecological footprint to support the company in the development and implementation of a sustainable development strategy and its goals traction.

The viral mechanics of knowledge spreading about positive environmental action is then used to tell others about climate positive impact.

It is important to note that, just as climate change is not caused by a single factor of rapidly increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere, Offsetted's efforts to neutralize the ecological footprint of a business are not limited to carbon footprint.

We strive to create a digital twin of each process or product, then reverse engineer it and compensate each fraction of ecological footprint through cooperation with a certified network of offsetting partners.

Daria Lipatova
Co-Founder, Offsetted

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